Terms and Conditions


For entrants 18 years and over: By completing an entry to a race, I certify I have read and accepted the terms and conditions for participation in this event.

For entrants under 18 years: By completing an entry to a race, I certify I am the parent/ guardian of this entrant who is under 18 years and I give my consent for them to participate in this event. I accept the terms and conditions for participation in this event on behalf of the entrant and declare them as capable of completing the distance or challenge they have nominated.

Terms and Conditions

By entering any of the races or challenges organized by Rasselbock Running, yourself (known as the entrant) declare that;

  1. Not every event will have a physical finishers medal. If there will be a medal supplied on completion of the event then it will state so on the event or sign up page.
  2. You will only receive your medal for a virtual event if you have signed up and payment has been received before the closing date of the event. Your medal will be posted to the postal address which you supplied during the signup process and will be sent to you on either your completion of the event or at the event’s end date.
  3. You are physically fit and capable of completing the challenge, distance, and event that you have signed up for. You are not aware of any medical conditions or impairments that will prevent you from taking part and that taking part will not affect your health in any way.
  4. Rasselbock Running will provide no way of tracking you when taking part in any event. You are signing up for a virtual event that provides no aid stations, volunteers, medical personnel, or marshals. You are responsible solely for your health and well-being whilst taking part.
  5. Entry is only valid to the person who is signing up for the event and is not transferable to any other person or animal.
  6. By entering this event you give permission for Rasselbock Running to use your name and social media accounts within the confines of the site. Be it through leader boards, profiles, or any other form.
  7. You accept that entry into this event is entirely at your own risk and participation could result in injury or death. You accept that you will take full responsibility for your own safety as well as those around you whilst you are taking part.
  8. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you release Rasselbock Running, Eric Keeler, the organizer, from all claims connected with participation. You indemnify the event organizer, sponsors, volunteers, and employees involved in this event directly or indirectly against all liability for any and all injury, loss, or damage connected with the entrant’s participation.
  9. If you have to withdraw from the event for any reason then your entry fee is non-refundable. In some cases, you may transfer to another event, but that is at the decision of the event organizers.
  10. You acknowledge that by entering an event and providing your email through the signup form for any event, you will be added to our mailing list. If you have previously unsubscribed from the mailing list then you may be re-subscribed upon signing up for another event. You can unsubscribe at any point by contacting Rasselbock Running or by clicking the unsubscribe button in any of the mailing list emails. Note that unsubscribing from any mailing list will halt ALL email contact from us, including event-specific emails
  11. If you are signing up for a charity event, such as Step-tember, then you acknowledge through entry to the event, that we may pass your email address onto the charity for them to contact you in regards to only the event you signed up for.
  12. You accept that the entry fee you are paying when signing up to an event is for entry only and does not guarantee you a medal. Your medal will only be posted to you upon submission of proof that you have completed the distance or criteria put forward for the event.
  13. When we refer to “planting (a) tree/s”, we mean that we pay a company, Ecologi, to plant a tree on our behalf. We, Rasselbock, or any member of staff will not physically plant the tree/s ourselves. You can view our commitment to planting trees along with all of the trees we have paid for in the past on our own Ecologi page. (As of 30/11/23, we are not working with Ecologi and instead pivoting to ocean bound plastic, if we move back to planting trees with Ecologi then Section 13 will still apply).
  14. From the 1st January 2021, our postage days will change to twice a week. All medals will be posted 2nd class via Royal Mail on a Monday and a Wednesday. We may on occasion make additional trips to the Post Office although these cases will be random. As of 2024, Medal are posted out upon event completion, not on a specific week day.
  15. Once your medal has been posted we can not make any changes or guarantees about when it will arrive, it is in the hands of Royal Mail at this point. If you have not received your medal within 3 weeks (5 weeks for international delivery), then please contact us and we will look at the possibility of sending a replacement medal to you.
  16. For any packages shipped outside of the UK, the receiver will be fully responsible for paying any tax and customs charges that may be accrued from postage.

Live Events

  1. We will allow you to defer your event entry once and up to ten days before the event date for a standard event. There are no fees for this. – 1a). The Marathon and Half marathon will have slightly longer deferral cutoffs on the 1st of July 2024.
  2. If you wish to transfer your entry to another runner then we can do this free of charge, All we need from you is the name and full contact details of the person who will be taking your place, and then we will do the rest. An entry can only be transferred once and can be done up to ten days before the event date for a standard event.
  3. The deadline for deferrals and transfers will always be ten days (for a standard event), although for certain events that are larger or have specific medals then we may change the rules for deferrals and transfers. If this happens then it will be displayed on the event sign up page.
  4. Unfortunately, your entry fee is non-refundable.
  5. In the Case of the Backyard Ultra/Mini event, we will allow refunds up to 14 days after your sign up date (or first payment in a payment plan). The BYU is an expensive event to put together and many payments are paid to secure the event over 6 months prior. We can also offer no deferrals from a Backyard/mini entry but may be able to facilitate a name change if the event is sold out.
  6. In the unlikely event that one of our events has to be canceled, postponed, or delayed for any reason that is out of our control (Advice from the local authorities regarding the pandemic, emergency services advice, adverse weather conditions etc.), then we will offer your entry to be carried forward to a new date, the next running of the event or to a suitable alternative. Unfortunately, no refunds will be given.
  7. The race director has full and final decisions over every aspect of the race and their word is final on every matter in regard to the event.
  8. You must be fully signed up for communications from ourselves so that you receive all of the relevant information and updates regarding the event.
  9. Unfortunately, we do not allow under 12’s to participate in any live event. If you are between the ages of 12 and 18 then we will need a parent or guardian to contact us before signing up so that we can advise them on how to register your place. Even though we are not a part of the UKA we still abide by their rules which means that the following ages are limited to the following distances.
  • Over 12 years – under 14 years – 5,000 meters
  • Over 14 years – under 16 years – 6,000 meters
  • Over 16 years – under 17 years – 10,000 meters
  • Over 17 years – under 18 years – 25,000 meters
  • Over 18 years – under 20 years – 45,000 meters

Runners agree to;

  1. Upon entering the event you give us permission for photography and filming to take place, which may include some of yourself and you give us permission to use said materials in promotions and advertising for future events.
  2. If you do not wish for photos and videos of yourself to be used then please notify us at eric@rasselbock.co.uk.
  3. You agree to follow any instructions given by event staff, marshals, and volunteers

Runners Must;

  1. Be 18 years or older on the day of the event unless previous permissions have been given.
  2. Have registered and collected their running numbers before the start of the runner’s briefing. This is held 10-15 minutes before the start of the event.
  3. All participants MUST have read through the pre-race email that is sent out a week before the event. If you haven’t received your email then please email eric@rasselbock.co.uk, and if you’re unsure if you have unsubscribed to all communication from us then you can re-subscribe here.
  4. You MUST complete all of the details on the reverse of your bib before starting the race, along with any medication that you are taking and any health issues.
  5. Your running bib MUST be worn and be clearly visible at all times.
  6. Upon finishing your race you MUST speak to one of the marshals either at the finish line or around the course so that we can mark you as complete. If you retire from the race outside of the finishing area then you MUST inform us that you are retiring from the race. In all instances, you MUST tell a member of staff that you are finishing your race before leaving the site.
  7. It sounds obvious but please DO NOT litter. There will be bin bags and recycle points at the start line for all of your rubbish.
  8. You MUST keep to the sign-posted route and give way to all and any members of the public at all times.

Marathon and Half Marathon Specifics

The Terms and Conditions below relate solely to the Rasselbock Marathon and Half Marathon and are an addition to all of the Terms and Conditions noted above on this page. If any writing in this section contradicts what is written above then the Marathon and Half Marathon specifics below will take preference.

Organising sporting events requires a considerable amount of forward planning, time, risk and expense. Approximately 9 – 12 months prior to our events taking place, work begins and costs are incurred. These include administrative, insurance, advertising, marketing, equipment, website and staff costs. As an event draws nearer, we continue to incur costs, many in relation to the number of entrants in the event. Whilst we are investing into the cost of staging our events, there is no guarantee of their success, making financial planning an integral part of event management and promotion. For this reason, our ‘Terms and Conditions’ are here to ensure we are able to provide athletes with continued safe and enjoyable events.

  1. The minimum age for entering and running the Marathon is for the runner to be 18 or older on race day. For the Half Marathon, the runner must be aged 17 or older on race day.
  2. We will allow refunds within 14 days of signing up for the event, after this period is over we do not allow refunds.
  3. Unfortunately, we cannot allow deferrals to any other event, although we can transfer you from the marathon to the half and vice versa. You will need to pay the difference in entry fee if upgrading your distance, but we are unable to offer a refund if you’re dropping down in distance..
  4. We do allow transfers of your entry to another person at no cost up until 5 days before the event Please email us if you would like to do this.
  5. Standard discount codes can not be used against either event. Only set discounts from companies and run clubs may be used.
  6. The medical team will be informed beforehand of any medical conditions that you have made us aware of.
  7. You declare that you are fully fit and healthy enough to take part in and complete either event.


Should you have any questions or queries relating to these terms and conditions, please email eric@rasselbock.co.uk

Last updated:

03/08/2023 – Added specifics for the Rasselbock Marathon and Half Marathon

14/06/2022 – Added the 14 day refund period for Backyard Ultra events

13/11/2021 – More clarification added to our covid procedures at registration.