Live Event FAQ’s

This page should help answer all of your burning questions. If there is something that is not covered on this page and that you’d like an answer for then please just drop me a message via email –

Aid Stations – At all of our looped events, the aid station is located at the start/finish line. Although please don’t be expecting iso gels, protein powders, and gummies. Our aid stations are stocked to the brim with real food, jelly babies, fudge, cake, and cheese straws to name a few. It’s how we’d want an aid station to look like. If gels and goo’s are what you need to get through the event though, you are more than welcome to bring your own Tupperware of goodies to leave on the aid station, just make sure that they are well labeled as your own!

Cups – At our events, we try to limit our waste as much as we possibly can. Because of this, we will not be providing plastic bottles or cups at the aid stations. You will be required to bring your own cup or bottle that you can either run with or leave at the aid station. We will still have a wide range of refreshments available for you to top up your drinking vessels at the aid station.

Bag Drop – We will always try to supply an area to leave bags and belongings by providing a shelter or dome tent to keep things dry. Some of our events may have a hut or a gazebo available that you are more than welcome to use, but please be aware that whilst staff and volunteers will be around, we can not be watching your possessions at all times so items will be left in the owners discression. We would recommend leaving your items in a vehicle as we can not be held responsible for items going missing.

Registration – Registration times and bib pick-ups will vary depending on the start time, but should usually be open from 60 minutes before the race begins. The registration desk will be located at the start line gazebos and aid station unless stated differently in your event email.

Dogs – Unfortunately you will not be allowed to run with your four-legged friends at our events, mainly because our permits do not allow them and our insurance does not cover runners with their dogs. It is something we are looking at in the future, but not as of yet.

Headphones – Headphones are allowed at some of our events but not all, it entirely depends on the location. Please check the specific event page for more information.

UKA – At this time our events are not registered with the UKA (UKAthletics) although we do try to stick to their recommended rules when putting on events, especially when it comes to runners under the age of 18 (See below).

Under 18’s – Unfortunately, we do not allow under 12’s to participate in any live event. If you are between the ages of 12 and 18 then we will need a parent or guardian to contact us before signing up so that we can advise them on how to register your place. Even though we are not a part of the UKA we still abide by their rules which means that the following ages are limited to the following distances.

  • Over 12 years – under 14 years – 5,000 metres
  • Over 14 years – under 16 years – 6,000 metres
  • Over 16 years – under 17 years – 10,000 metres
  • Over 17 years – under 18 years – 25,000 metres
  • Over 18 years – under 20 years – 45,000 metres

Medals – All of our medals are custom made for each event and as long as you complete one lap of the event then you can be classed as a finisher and receive your medal and goody bag.

Goody Bags – We like to have you leaving with plenty of recovery fuel so we offer you a goody bag along with your finishers medal. We try to offer a vegan option as well and you can also opt out of a goody bag when you sign up if they are not your thing. You may have notices in 2024 that we’ve done away with the bag part of the goodie bag simply to reduce waste, once you’ve finished your race then you can help yourself to three items from a healthy selection.

Facebook group and event updates – Most of our event updates are communicated through our social media channels and the Team Rasselbock Facebook Group, although any big changes that are made will be communicated via email. You will also receive your final event information email a week before the event. All emails will come from, so please make sure that the email address is whitelisted and the emails will not end up in your junk folder! You must also make sure that you haven’t opted out from communications from us as this will also stop emails from arriving with you. You can check here that you are signed up for email updates.

Carbon offset – As always we will be removing 1kg of plastic from water ways with every event sign up

Strava – We have a Strava group that we would love you to join over at

Deferrals and Transfers

  • Deferrals – We will allow you to defer your event entry once and up to ten days before the event date. There are no fees for this. (This does not apply to the Backyard Ultras)
  • Transfers – If you wish to transfer your entry to another runner then we can do this free of charge, All we need from you is the name and full contact details of the person who will be taking your place and then we will do the rest. An entry can only be transferred once and can be done up to ten days before the event date.
  • Deadlines – The deadline for deferrals and transfers will always be ten days, although for certain events that are larger or have specific medals then we may change the rules for deferrals and transfers. If this happens then it will be displayed on the event sign-up page.
  • Deferrals for the Backyard Ultras are only available under extenuating circumstances and will close approximately 6 weeks before the event date
  • Refunds – Unfortunately your entry fee is non-refundable.

Cancelations from us – In the unlikely event that one of our events has to be canceled, postponed, or delayed for any reason that is out of our control (Advice from the local authorities regarding the pandemic, emergency services advice, adverse weather conditions etc.), then we will offer your entry to be carried forward to a new date, the next running of the event or to a suitable alternative. Unfortunately, no refunds will be given.

Back Yard Ultra – Event Specifics

The event will be taking place on and around a working forest that will still be open to the public. Runners will not have the right of way and we will need to be considerate to all the other users of the area, be it walkers, cyclists, dog walkers, and children when passing through any of the “activity areas” of the forest

Unfortunately with this being a forested area BBQs and solid fuel burners are not permitted. We will have a separate area where you can use small gas camp stoves away from the trees and the tents. We will have hot water available at the aid station. Likewise, generators that do not belong to the organizers are not permitted on the site. We suggest bringing power banks and solar panels, although in an emergency we may be able to charge a phone or two at base camp.

We do not have any secure baggage areas on site but you are more than welcome to leave your bags at the base camp. Whilst we can’t guarantee that they’ll be safe, there will always be someone from Rasselbock around. If you have a support person then they are welcome to come and put up a tent in the support area.

There will be some portable toilets at the start line for the runners and their crews, and public toilets that will be open for our use (from 8.30 am) located at the Visitor Center which is located a few minutes’ walk from base camp.

We know that the event is a lot of money to enter for most people, so if you NEED to then we are happy to split your entry fee into two or three chunks. Please drop myself an email at and we can have a chat about what works best for you. Please note that you will not be permitted to run if the entry has not been paid in full by the start of the event and you will not receive a refund on the partial payments if you drop out from the event.

What should I bring?

We would recommend trail shoes for this route, mainly due to it taking place in March and, let’s face it, there is a high chance that it’ll be cold and wet! So please make sure that you wear and bring with you adequate layers to keep yourself warm throughout the race and just as importantly, once you finish each lap. in 2023 it dropped to -5c at night! Like all of our events going forward, we will be operating a bring your own bottle policy. We will not be supplying plastic cups or drinks receptacles at this event so that we can cut down on waste and do our part to help the environment. You will be required to bring your own water bottle, collapsable cup, or similar to the event. We will still have an array of liquids available for you to top up your bottles with at our well-stocked aid station!

There will be areas for a support team around the start line if required but these will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. You may bring your own small gazebo and/or tents for your support team to set up for you. We ask that you keep a support team to 1 or 2 members due to venue requirements and you will also have one car allocated for parking at the venue for free.

We will have a separate car park from the main forest that is a small walk to the HQ, and all vehicles will have to be parked here. If you require more vehicles then they will have to park in the Sherwood Pines Car Park which has charges and opening and closing times.

If you have family, friends, or extra team members who wish to come along and stay overnight then they will have to use the campsite in Sherwood Pines forest and not the areas at the HQ. This is part of the agreement we have with the Forestry Commission and cannot grant exceptions.

Likewise, large campers will not be allowed in our areas and will have to use the campsite, smaller campers we may be able to get away with. ALL vehicles will have to be parked in our separate event car parking area, 200m away from the main race HQ and campsite. We cannot permit any other cars or campers in the separate HQ area due to space constraints.

The camp site at the start line is only for the runners and their 1/2 support members to grab some quick bits of sleep throughout the event. Whilst you can go back and forth between your car and the race site, it is recommended that you bring a tent or gazebo.

Extra Info

For the BYU event, we will only offer a refund within 14 days of you signing up. We are a tiny running company and entry fees fund different aspects of the event that need to be paid in the build-up to the BYU itself.

We do not offer any deferrals on the Backyard Ultra to other events or later editions of the Backyard, but we may be able to facilitate name changes on the entry if the event is sold out.

The Forestry Commission has the right to stop the event at any point if they deem it essential to do so. It is very rare that this would happen but an example would be a storm coming in with very high winds, and we would need to evacuate the forest. If this happens mid-event then it will not be classed on the At large list even if we continue the event afterward.

Your Runners Promise

Runners agree to ;

  • Upon entering the event you give us permission for photography and filming to take place, which may include some of yourself and you give us permission to use said materials in promotions and advertising for future events.
  • You agree to follow any instructions given by event staff, marshalls and volunteers

Runners Must;

  • Be 18 years or older on the day of the event unless previous permissions have been given.
  • Have registered and collected their running numbers before the start of the runner’s briefing. This is held 10-15 minutes before the start of the event.
  • All participants MUST have read through the pre race email that is sent out a week before the event. If you haven’t received your email then please email, and if you’re unsure if you have unsubscribed to all communications from us then you can re-subscribe here.
  • You MUST complete all of the details on the reverse of your bib before starting the race, along with any medication that you are taking and any health issues.
  • Your running bib MUST be worn and be clearly visible at all times.
  • Upon finishing your race you MUST speak to one of the marshals either at the finish line or around the course so that we can make you as complete. If you retire from the race outside of the finishing area then you MUST call the number on the back of your bib to inform us that you are retiring from the race. In all instances, you MUST tell a member of staff that you are finishing your race before leaving the site.
  • It sounds obvious but please DO NOT litter. There will be bin bags and recycle points at the start line for all of your rubbish.
  • You MUST keep to the signposted route and give way to all and any members of the public at all times.

Finally, have fun and enjoy yourself. The events are put on to be enjoyable for everyone and without the pressure of strict cutoffs.