Female Runner Policy

Information for female runners in alignment with She Races

Ever since the beginning of our live events, we have pushed to be as open and inclusive to runners from all walks of life, abilities, and genders and pride ourselves on being inclusive.

In alignment with She Races, below you can find our commitments to ensure that Rasselbock Running events are always inclusive of all genders, and hope to help in breaking down the barriers of female participants in endurance sports.

Level the start line

Inclusive imagery – We make sure that all of the promotional materials we use, be it in print, on our website, or through social media, include female participants. We are and will always be encouraging the women of our events to find their place at the front of the start line.

Race formats, overviews, and descriptions – We have always strived to be as inclusive as we possibly can. Our race formats being timed looped events means that they are accessible to runners of all abilities and we will continue to market them as such. With them being looped events, all runners know that they will be back at the start area within 5 or 6km where they will always receive any support which they may need.

Generous cut-offs – Our events are either based on time or distance. The timed events have the same cut-off for everyone running, the goal of those events is to simply run as far as you can in that time. The distance events have very generous cut-offs that should hopefully allow anyone to reach their distance goal. For those who think they may not make their distance goal within the alotted time of the event, we do offer some wiggle room for you to make it back again.

Planning and information – All event information is available via our website and we welcome questions via email or our community Facebook group where all entrants are welcomed.

Deferral policies – We offer open deferrals of up to 2 years for women who wish to postpone their entry due to pregnancy or adoption. We also allow deferrals once to any event in our race calendar up to 10 days before the event date. Entries can also be transferred to other individuals if required

Equal the experience

Toilets and changing facilities – While we cannot guarantee changing facilities at all events, we do select our locations based on if there are toilets available close to the start line or on the course itself. This can come in the form of public toilets or ones that come alongside the venue itself (Such as venue toilets in Sherwood Pines). For our Backyard events, we have portable toilet toilets at the start line with a minimum of 2 portable toilets being designated for female runners only.

Safety – During our events there are always several members of staff and a medical team to ensure the safety of all participants. We also have a number of marshals out on the route who have constant contact with us at the startline. Medics are always mobile and able to dispatch to any point of the route at a moment’s notice.

During events where runners will run at night, we will always have marshals visible out on the route, glowsticks, and reflective markers along the route, and a safety bike either at the back of the pack (For the backyard ultras) or covering the route in reverse (for looped events). The bike is lit up in colored lights to make it obvious to runners that it is ourselves approaching them and not an unknown cyclist.

T-shirts that fit – We do not offer event-specific tee shirts but do offer high-quality tech tees from Scimitar. These come in either a unisex or female fit. We also show 3D renders of both the Unisex and female fit teems on our website.

Female hygiene – We will have period products available to anyone who needs them at our aid station at HQ. At events where we have sole or private use of the toilet facilities, then period products will be available in the toilets themselves.

Other needs – If any participants have additional needs such as breastfeeding, we encourage them to contact us prior to the event to make the appropriate arrangements which would include us providing a chair and safe space.

Respect our competition

We do not have separate male and female classifications at our events and we also do not offer podium finishes due to the open-ended nature of our looped events. If we do put on an event with separate fields then we shall make this known prior and results will have the option to view male and female together for overall results as well as separately.

If you have any other questions or requests, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.