Tree Boosts

Tree Boosts

Want to add more impact to your run? Or do you have an event somewhere that is not through us but you’d still like to plant some trees with that event?

Well, this is the option that you’re looking for. Just select how many trees you would like to plant, and add them to your order. If you plant 25 trees or more then we will make sure that it is added into the forest within 24 hours under your name and email you a link as proof they have been donated. If you plant less than 25 trees then we will bulk plant them at the end of the month (This is due to the fact we can only donate a minimum of 25 trees in one go).

And, because we’re nice people we will also plant 5 trees on top of yours just like we do with every event!

Photo credit to Ecologi and Eden Reforestation Projects

From: £1.30