Trail Run – Spring Edition

Time to get hunting!

Trail Run – Spring Edition



It’s here, the final Scavenger Hunt event to help you complete your medal collection.

This Spring event will begin on Saturday 15th May 2021 and as usual run for 9 days! Unfortunately due to how things have fallen, this spring event will not be over a school holiday, but it will still cover two weekends for you to get out with your families.

Every morning we will release a list of three items and a wildcard item on social media, that you have to find on your run or walk in nature, and yes, you guessed it, they’ll be Spring-themed items! You just need to snap a photo of that item and upload it to our Team Rasselbock Facebook page for the team to see. You can take part in one day or all nine and you do not have to find every item to receive your medal.

This is such an enjoyable event and we’ve had 350 people in 2020 running around taking selfies with the strangest of items. This is the final medal in the series of four and is themed around spring with whisps of colour!

You’ll also notice a few extra options this time around as we’re trialing some new family bundles so that the whole family can get their medal. If you want to add more kids to your bundle then just drop me an email before ordering.

*After signing up make sure that you check the note in your receipt for the link to the Team Rasselbock Facebook group. We will send you an email a few days before the event begins as a reminder to get excited about it.

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Trail Run Stats

36 Items to find
9 Days of hunting
100's New friends
1 Stunning medal