The Rainbow Run 2024

@ Sherwood Pines

The Rainbow Run 2024

Think of your most memorable running events… what was it that made them special? Was it a beautiful location? The most incredibly friendly Marshalls? A totally unique, special medal? Or running with the best group of people?

Laura and I think that all these things combined are what produce the kind of events that create really special memories. So we are over the moon to announce that 2024 will see Rasselbock join forces with We Are Fearless once again for the Rasselbock Rainbow Run ❤

On the 9th of June 2024, we’d like to make Sherwood Pines once again shine so bright, it’ll be visible from space. There will be prizes for the most colourful runners, rainbows on faces, and rainbows in the aid station.

The event will follow the usual formula at Sherwood. There will be 6 hours to run as many 5.79km laps through the beautiful forest as you’d like. You need only complete one lap to collect your momento, or you can keep going all day.

We promise it’ll be an event to remember and can’t wait to see you there!!

£39.50 plus 1kg of plastic saved from the ocean

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Event Infomation

Where is Sherwood Pines?

Sherwood Pines Forest Park is located 6 miles east of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG21 9JL. For more information on the venue, including directions, accommodation, and more, please check out the Sherwood Pines Infomation Page.

Where do I register/ pick up my race number?

You’ll be able to pick up your race number on the morning of the event at the aid station/start line. The park will be open from 8am, and you’ll be able to grab your race numbers shortly after then. Please allow yourself enough time to grab your number before the race briefing at 8:50 am and the start of the run at 9am.

Is there a time limit?

There is a time limit of 6 hours for this event. This means that you need to have completed your final lap before the end of the 6 hours for it to be counted towards your final distance. You will not be allowed to start another lap of the course after 20 minutes of the event is remaining. Each lap is exactly 5.79km long which means if you complete 4 laps you have done a half marathon, 8 laps, a full marathon, and 9 laps or more will be classed as an Ultra. You can finish your event at any time within the six hours, and as long as you have completed one lap then you will be classed as a finisher.

PLEASE NOTE:  This event is not a set distance but a 6-hour challenge event for you to complete as many laps of the course as possible within the time frame. Whilst you can run a half or a marathon with us, you’ll likely run a little further to complete the laps in the time frame. Please see below for a list of how far you’ll run for each number of laps

Laps Completed 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Distance (km) 5.79 11.58 17.37 23.16 28.95 34.74 40.53 46.32 52.11 57.9 63.69 69.48 75.27


What do I get with my entry?

  • A fully unique and bespoke Fearless Momento (not a medal).
  • All the food, drink, and nibbles that you could imagine at the aid station.
  • A fully stocked goody bag at the end with all the “recovery chocolate” that you could imagine!
  • Dedicated first aiders on site for the full 6 hours.
  • Amazing support from the Rasselbock Family!

Is there an Aid station?

We will have a fully stocked aid station at base camp full of all your favorite items, although if you are expecting energy tablets, gels, and supplements, you may need to bring your own as our aid station tends to lean towards the more “enjoyable fuel”. Imagine Fudge, cakes, cookies, and jelly babies along with all the savory alternatives.

Can I bring my own food and drink for the aid station?

You are more than welcome to bring your own food and drink to the aid station. We will have a separate table for these so please make sure that your bottles or items are clearly labeled so that no one takes them by accident!

What is the route?

The route is currently 3.6 miles long (5.79km) and runs through a mix of forest trails single paths and forest access roads. Underfoot you’ll have a mix of natural woodland and gravel tracks so I’d recommend trail shoes if possible. The route has the possibility of changing depending on the Forestry Commission’s needs at the time, but it will always be of the same length and character. You can view the current route here.

Do you have a bag drop?

We do not have any secure baggage areas on site but you are more than welcome to leave your bags at the base camp. Whilst we can’t guarantee that they’ll be safe, there will always be someone from Rasselbock around.

What should I bring?

We would recommend trail shoes for this route seeing as we’re heading around the forest, and let’s face it, the British weather is very unpredictable! So please make sure that you wear and bring with you adequate layers to keep yourself warm throughout the race and just as importantly, once you finish. Like all of our events going forward, we will be operating a bring your own bottle policy. We will not be supplying plastic cups or drinks receptacles at this event so that we can cut down on waste and do our part to help the environment. You will be required to bring your own water bottle, collapsable cup, or similar to the event. We will still have an array of liquids available for you to top up your bottles with at our well-stocked aid station!

Is the run on a closed course?

The event will be taking place on and around a working forest that will still be open to the public. Runners will not have the right of way and we will need to be considerate to all the other users of the area, be it walkers, cyclists, dog walkers, and children when passing through any of the “activity areas” of the forest.

What facilities will be available?

There will be some public toilets that will be open for our use (from 8.15 am) located at the Visitor Center which is located between the car park and the base camp.


All other questions that you may have are most probably answered on the events FAQ page.