The Playlist Run

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The Playlist Run

Time to put on those dancing shoes, festival facepaint, and prepare the after sun lotion, as its festival season at last!

When you sign up for the event you will pick a song to be added to the Spotify playlist, and when we hit 25 songs (already reached) you will then have the length of the playlist to run or walk, as far as you can. Once we hit 50 songs you’ll have the chance to do it all again with a longer playlist, then the same again at 75 songs. So if you’re quick enough then you might even get 3 runs out of this event!

Once again we have a beautiful custom matt black medal with the Rasselbock festival on the front. Did I also mention that it’s really, REALLY colorful!

As we have already reached our 25 song goal you can get started with your run right away. Just make sure that your run is finished within the length of the playlist, 1 Hour 35 Minutes. When you get to the checkout then make sure you add you’re song choice into the additional information box so that it can be added to the playlist. Obviously, use your common sense when picking your song as this is an event with all ages competing.


Original price was: £15.00.Current price is: £6.50. plus 1kg of plastic saved from the ocean

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Event Statistics

1 Playlist
97 Million Song choices
3 Runs
1 Epic festival run