The Great Plastic Run

The Great Plastic Run

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As you may have noticed we have recently switched from planting trees with every event entry to recycling plastic from the world’s oceans and riverways. To help us kickstart this exciting change we have launched a new virtual event, The Great Plastic Run!

It’s a very simple event but it will have a huge impact on the planet. Just sign up for one of the three levels of plastic removal, and head outside for a bike, run or walk from the Internation Ocean Day on the 8th of June. All of the profits from your entry will go towards stopping plastic from making it to the ocean or cleaning plastic from rivers and shorelines via our new partner OceanBottle.

There are three levels for you to choose from at three different price points and each level will get you a truly unique memento from the event. Supplied by Relic Plastic these coaster mementos are made from 100% recycled plastic, most of which has been collected from beaches throughout the UK. Each coaster is unique and you’ll get to pick which color you’d like to receive!

8th - 15th June
More than 5km
Fully Recycled

The event...

There are three levels at different price points so that everyone can get involved. You can find the details below for what comes with each level. I’m hoping that by the end of the event on the 15th of June, we will have been able to fund the removal of 1,350kg of plastic from beaches around the world. That’s the equivalent of 135,000 single-use plastic bottles!

The Beach Sweeper – 8.5kg plastic removed

The Conch Cleaner – 13.5kg plastic removed

The Turtle Saviour – 18.5kg plastic removed


*Included in your sign-up fee is the cost of the coaster, packaging, and UK postage. International sign-ups will have to pay additional postage at checkout

Event Statistics

78.7 ton New ocean plastic every day
2050 When there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean
13kg Plastic removed with every entry