#TeamRasselbock – Recycled Running Tee

#TeamRasselbock – Recycled Running Tee

From: £33.00


The official #TeamRasselbock running tees!

We’re back again with a new colourway for 2022, aptly named… The Colour Splash.

This design was voted the best by a huge margin by all of you, so now we are opening up the pre-orders again. You will be able to pre-order the  Colour Splash style. The Vulcan design will not be coming back and we only have a few left in stock, so when they’re gone, they’re gone! We also have one or two of the teal colours left in stock. If we have one in your size then I’ll post it out ASAP otherwise it’ll be pre-ordered for you.

These technical running tees are made from 100% recycled polyester and recycled plastic bottles, are lightweight, and utilize Qwick-Dri technology, which makes them perfect for running in. If you’ve ever run a race for charity or a team then chances are you have run in one of these tees. There was an option to go for a more affordable version but the quality would not have been as good and you would have to order a new one in a year’s time. No point in making something that will only last a year!

You can pre-order up until Monday 30th May which is when the order will be placed. I expect them to arrive with me around mid-July. Yes, it’s a wait, but trust me, they’re worth it! They are printed to order so please make sure that you pick the correct size for yourself as they cannot be changed if it’s the wrong size! Sizing Table

NOTE: The price includes shipping to UK addresses.