Team Rasselbock Technical Running Tees

Team Rasselbock Technical Running Tees

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This item is a PRE ORDER. We hope to ship the tees around the beginning of January 2022.

So, once again these high-demand tees have returned for another order AND with a new color combo. Introducing Vulcan!

Alongside the original Teal color which you can still order, we are excited to introduce the new color combo, Vulcan, black with shades of orange. It’s a color combo that I have been looking forward to for so long now and I really hope that you guys love it!

These technical running tees are made from 100% recycled polyester, lightweight, and utilizing Qwick-Dri technology, which makes them perfect for running in. If you’ve ever run a race for charity or a team then chances are you have run in one of these tees. There was an option to go for a more affordable version but the quality would not have been as good and you would have to order a new one in a year’s time. No point in making something that will only last a year!

Your tee will be made to order so please make sure that you look at the sizing guide in the gallery (or here) and let me know on the payment page which size and style you would like. If you order the wrong size then we cannot exchange it or order you a new one! The order will be placed once on the 18th of November, which means I am hoping to have them ready to post out to you all around the first or second week of January.

Yes, it’s an investment, and yes it’s a bit of a wait, but after the last batch sold out so quickly I know that you won’t mind the wait!

NOTE: The price includes shipping to UK addresses.

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