Team Rasselbock Running Buff

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Team Rasselbock Running Buff

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It’s something you have been asking for since we sold the first batch of Rasselkbock tees. Well, now they’re here! – The Team Rasselbock Buffs!

We have our two trusty colour combos in stock now, Rasselbock Teal and Berry Medley so that you can mix and match your Rasselbock kit. The Colour Blask design is a pre-order, to be delivered towards the End of July. Like the running tees, the neckwarmers are made out of 100% recycled polyester, dry really quickly, and will maintain its shape even when it is stretched.

These come in a one size fits all option so no need to worry about getting your size wrong.

NOTE: The price includes shipping to UK addresses.