Storming Valhalla

Storming Valhalla

Come join us on a journey like no other. Don your battle armour and grab your axe as we travel through the Nordic Fjords on your way to Valhalla and the Final Battle of Ragnarok!

Your quest is to travel 161 miles, by running or walking, as you learn about the history of the gods, the Fimbulvinter, and the battle of Ragnarok before reaching Valhalla and earning your bespoke wooden medal to celebrate your achievements with the gods.

Speaking of the medal, I guarantee that you don’t have one as beautiful as this in your collection. Comprising of two layers made from Walnut and Oak and 25cm in diameter, it is not small, just check out the £1 coin next to it in the photo! The design is based around the ancient Viking symbol, The Helm of Awe. Viking warriors would wear the symbol between their brows as a sign of strength in battle, believing that it would grant them victory. The trident looking arms of the symbol are Z runes which symbolize protection and victory in battle. The Helm of Awe was also said to provide mental and spiritual protection as well as physical. So there is nothing more apt as you make your way to Valhalla.

This is our biggest and most expensive medal yet, which is reflected in the entry price, but we still think that it is an attention grabber and something that you’re going to want in the center of your medal collection.

£42.00 plus 1kg of plastic saved from the ocean

Only 5 left in stock

Event Statistics

161 Miles
1 Epic Medal
16 Norsk Gods
1 Ragnarok Battle