Seven Seas Individuals

Seven Seas Individuals

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You have been waiting a while for the rest of the series and now here comes the next three all at once. Come and run with us through the treacherous seven seas, filled to the brim with the shipwrecks of doomed explorers. The 10km ocean is all ready for conquering and the Full Marathon ocean ready for you to explore from the 24th of April (London Marathon Weekend).

Over the next year, you will have the chance to plunder all seven medals in the series and if you enter the first six then we’ll give you your last distance for free (You’ll just need to pay for postage and packaging!), or, you could just do you one favourite distance. The choice is yours me’arty!

The following distances are all available for sign-ups now but can only be completed AFTER the date stated;

10km – Anytime

Full Marathon – Complete after 24th April

Half Marathon – Complete after 1st July

5km – Complete after 1st September

Each distance has to be recorded separately in one session as these are not accumulators, and you can run, walk or jog, the choice is yours. When you have finished the distance you’ll just need to upload the screenshot of your evidence through your account and will ship out your medal to you!

The open seas are waiting for their next challenger!

* If your delivery address is outside of the UK and you want to enter more than one of the distances, then drop me a message as we may be able to offer a discount with the shipping!



Seven Seas Stats

7 Seas to conquor
7 Distances
197km In total
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