Seven Seas 10km

Seven Seas 10km


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The first of seven distances in our virtual Seven Seas Series of events is the 10km. Come and run with others through the first of the seas, filled to the brim with the shipwrecks of doomed explorers.

The 10km ocean is one of the most popular running distance for many people, challenging for those new to running or trying to push themselves a little further, and a time trial for those more experienced runners.

This event can be completed at any time but the distance has to be recorded in one session, and you can run, walk or jog, the choice is yours. When you have finished the 10km distance you’ll just need to upload the screenshot of your proof or a link to your Strava run as proof and then we will ship out your medal to you!

Your medal will be posted out after your proof has been received. This is an individual event that is only connected to the large medal event by name. This event will earn you a separate pirate-themed medal.

The open seas are waiting for their next challenger!

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Seven Seas 10km Stats

£13.50 Entry fee
79 Places Remaining
10km Target
1 of 7 Series Medals