Run Graham Run

Run Graham Run

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Some of you may remember that in 2020 Graham tried to break the world record of running 21 marathons on a treadmill in 7 days.

Unfortunately, he fell short in his attempt but now he is back and more prepared than ever to take or the treadmill again! We’re honored at Rasselbock to once again be running an event alongside his run to try and get as many people involved as possible. You will have the week to keep up with him and then until the end of 2021 to complete the distance of 885 km

How do I get involved

Graham is challenging others to get involved, get outside and see how far they can get in that time. Record your run or walk the distance between the 27th July and the 3rd August, add to your profile, and see how you compare to other individuals, and ultimately – see if you can keep up with Graham!

Upon completion of the challenge, everyone who has taken part will receive a medal, shipped roughly a month after the event has finished. Your support will also help raise awareness for Fight Bladder Cancer and motivate Graham during his run; and by just taking part, you’ll be helping raise funds for FBC with a portion of your entry fee being donated to the charity.

“I am trying again. Practice makes perfect and all that.  20+ Marathons in 1 week on a treadmill. It broke me last time but I’m using that as a dress rehearsal.

During my record attempt in October 2020 my dad sent me some videos to motivate me. I knew at the time that he was sick but not how badly he had deteriorated. His videos inspired many to get out and run for themselves and help support me too. I managed to spend his last weeks with him and actually got to see him walk just once more.

I didn’t break the world record on that attempt but I want to do it again using the lessons that I learned.

Sadly Dad lost his fight with Bladder Cancer on 20 November. I know how proud he was of me attempting the record and I promised him I’d go again.

I have always had a stubbornness and a drive to finish and it has seen me get through some tough times and challenges. Watching my dad display even more endurance and strength of will in his last few days has given me an even deeper resolve.”

Event Statistics

1 Treadmill
21 Marathons
7 Days
1 World Record