Rasselbock X Wild Moose Robes

Rasselbock X Wild Moose Robes

Today we celebrate our first official merchandise partnership.

We have teamed up with Wild Moose to bring you excellent robes embroidered with the Rasselbock logo stitched into the back. The Rasselbock family have been wearing Wild Moose for years now and if you’ve seen a picture of Eric then you’ve probably seen his!

This top quality robe is packed with features to make your outdoor experience as comfortable and toasty warm as possible. Being both waterproof and windproof, it will protect you from the elements, whether you are getting changed post swim or water sport, or whether you are just hanging about in some pretty cold temperatures at an event, match or social gathering. It has a super absorbent and thick fleece lining so you can wear it as an extra layer for warmth even after getting dried and dressed in it. And of course, it’s a personal changing cubicle for the most public of spots. The Wild Moose Eco robe is a tough, robust garment that will handle whatever you and the great outdoors throw at it.

Read more about these fantastic robes on the Wild Moose website and check out their excellent size-guide to help you chose the right robe for you!

Please note that the robes will be embroidered with the Rasselbock Logo and company name printed bellow. Such as we have on our Rasselbock caps.

This is a pre-ordered product, orders will close the 17th June 2025 with postage expected by the start of July

From: £115.00