Rasselbock Trail Run – Spring

Rasselbock Trail Run – Spring

£20.00 plus 1kg of plastic saved from the ocean

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It’s back for the final season, with more items to hunt, a new set of medals, and lots more memories to be made!

The Spring event starts once again on Saturday 9th April 2023 and as usual running for 9 days. The best season of the year with lots of new life spouting and the world full of color, it’s going to be a magical event!

There are very few places left in this event so make sure that you sign up early to grab your space!

*The medal design is as shown in the photo although the medal shape is slightly different.

9th April 2023
Scavenger Hunt
Upon Completion

How Does It Work?

Every morning we will release a list of three items and a wildcard item on social media, that you have to find on your run or walk in nature. You just need to snap a photo of that item and upload it to our Team Rasselbock Facebook page for the team to see. You can take part in one day or all nine and you do not have to find every item to receive your medal.

This is such an enjoyable event and we’ve had over 500 people last year running around taking selfies with the strangest of items.

The medals you see in the photos are not final although they are close to what you will earn. We feel like we can still add some pazazz into them and make them extra special.

*After signing up make sure that you check the note in your receipt for the link to the Team Rasselbock Facebook group. We will send you an email a few days before the event begins as a reminder to get excited about it.

Trail Run Stats

36 Items to find
9 Days of hunting
100's New friends
4 Stunning medals