Rasselbock Saves Christmas

Rasselbock Saves Christmas


On a cold winter evening at Rasselbock HQ, Cheif Rasselbock was turning in for the night, when a loud bang startled him upright. He rushed outside to such an incredible sight of Santa and all his sleigh stuck in the neiboughers Christmas tree! St Nick jumped down from the uppermost branch throwing snow all around from his gigantic boots. “I don’t know what happened” exclaimed Big Nick. “One minute my reindeer were flying me above the towns and the next we were all in the tree. How can I deliver all the presents to everyone in time now?”

“Well”, exclaimed the Cheif Rasselbock, “I think I may know some people”…

So, your mission if you choose to accept it is this. Deliver the gifts from Rasselbock HQ to as many of the following towns and cities as you’d like before the 25th of December. (NOTE: You don’t have to physically run to the cities, just the distances stated );

Nottingham – 1 Mile

Manchester – 5km

Liverpool – 10km

Edinburgh – Half Marathon

Penzance – Full Marathon

The event is £15 for entry into the one-mile event and then £5 for every distance afterward and a medal will be awarded for all of the distances which you sign up for.  Every medal joins together and if you collect all 5 distances you’ll be able to create the Rasselbock logo on the back. The distances are all individual as the event is not an accumulator.

When Completing your order, please state which distances you would like to take part in in the order notes. ALL medals will be posted out over the Christmas break, so expect a late Christmas gift to be dropping onto your doormats in the New Year!

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Event Statistics

5 Medals
100,000+ Gifts to deliver
92.7 km To Cover
1 Christmas Saved