Rasselbock Birthday Run

Rasselbock Birthday Run


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Event Date: 27th February 2021

As I’m sure you’re aware by now, here at Rasselbock we love planting trees. With every event that you take part in we automatically pay for five trees to be planted. So, when I was wondering how to celebrate our first birthday I immediately thought, plant more trees! So, how many trees shall we plant with your entries to our birthday run I hear you ask?!

🌲 10 Trees… Nah,

🌲 25 Trees… Not enough,

🌲 40 Trees?… We can do better.

With every person who signs up for the Rasselbock Birthday Run, we will pay to plant 50 trees! My hope is that we can plant 5,000 new trees by the time the event is over. The event is nice and simple, over the weekend of the 27th of February, just head out for a walk, run, swim or cycle that is longer than 5km and the medal is yours.

* 5 Trees will be planted when you enter the event with the remaining 45 being planted on the 1st March, once we have the final numbers

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In Our First Year

3,783 Trees Planted
92,175 km Run
857 People have taken part