Move for Australia

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Move for Australia

We originally created this event way back at the beginning of January. Thanks to so many of you we managed to donate just over £700 to help fund the recovery efforts after the devastating forest fires that ripped through Australia. Well, we still have some of the medals left, and the recovery efforts are still ongoing so we thought we would open it up again for round two!

The challenge is simple. You pick your distance and how you’ll complete it, then you’ll have a week to get it done.

This is a non-profit event which costs £15 to enter. A minimum of £11* from your entry fee will be donated between WWF Australia and the Australian Salvation Army. The more people who take part, the more we can donate!

Unlike our previous events, there will be no fancy bells and whistles this time around. We want to make everything as quick and simple as we can in order to give the most amount of money to the charities.

* Everything after costs will be donated. If all of the 150 places sell out then a minimum of £11 per entry will be donated

Original price was: £15.00.Current price is: £6.50. plus 1kg of plastic saved from the ocean

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Move for Australia stats

£745 Raised
10 Billion Animal Deaths
14,900 Firefighters
74 Million Hectres Burnt