International Cat Day Run

A run for crazy cat people

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International Cat Day Run

Here at Rasselbock, we’re a little obsessed with cats. They’ve been around us at home for as long as I can remember, so what better way to celebrate our furry feline friends that with an International Cat Day event. This one is nice and simple, you just need to have a run anytime after the 8th August, which is longer than 5km and the medal is yours. Make it a training run, aim for a PB or a leisurely “Fake Parkrun”, The choice is yours. If you dress up like a cat for your run then we might include a little something extra with your medal for your feline friend!

This event can be completed at any time and be any distance over 5km but the distance has to be recorded in one session. You can run, walk or jog, the choice is yours.

Original price was: £15.00.Current price is: £6.50. plus 1kg of plastic saved from the ocean

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Event Statistics

£15 Entry Fee
75 Places Remaining
5km Minimum Distance
3 Cats on the Medal