Hats for the homeless

Hats for the homeless

From: £15.97


Instead of doing giveaways and competitions in the lead-up to Christmas, we thought we would do something different this year. So let me introduce Operation Hats for the Homeless!

If you buy one of our woolly bobble hats then we will purchase a second hat to be donated to a homeless shelter. These hats are insanely warm, include a shearling thermal band for extra warmth, and come in an awesome selection of colors. They are completely unbranded apart from the inside label, this is so that we can keep costs to a minimum and donate as many as possible.

Speaking of costs, what does your £15.97 cover?

  • 2 hats, one for you and one to be donated – £11.20
  • Second class small parcel postage – £3.20 (There will be extra costs for postage outside of the UK)
  • Packaging – £0.40
  • 5 Trees planted – £0.63
  • Card and processing fees – £0.54

This operation will be running until the 23rd of November and we hope to post your hats at the beginning of December guaranteeing that your hat will arrive before Christmas if you live in the UK.

This is going to be 100% not-for-profit, and any leftover proceeds will be donated in cash to the center. The center in question is Emmanuel House in Nottingham, who provide clothing, food, support, and temporary accommodation for those living on the streets.

Note: We’ll aim to deliver a hat for a hat but the shelter does require other items as well. If we sell a large number of hats then we will give the shelter a choice of which clothing items that they need the most. The full cost of your donated hat will still be spent on alternate items if needed.

If you would like to make a donation of more than 4 hats then please just drop me a message!