Bingo Run

Bingo Run

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As many of you know, here at Rasselbock we like to make our events a little different. That is why we have created the Bingo Run, the accumulator that is a different length for everyone who takes part!

So grab your pen stamps and bingo card, lace up those running shoes and let’s get ready for the most unconventional game of bingo you’ve ever played.

The idea is simple, before you get going you’ll let us know how many miles that you usually cover in a week and this is how we’ll know how far your should run to earn a bingo ball. After this point, you’ll just need to complete your runs and play bingo with the bingo balls that you’ve earned.

Want to grab more bingo balls then you’ll just need to cover more miles…

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?? Miles
Upon completion

An Example

If you cover nine miles on your average running week then we will give you a bingo ball for every three miles that you cover whilst out and about exercising. There are 50 bingo balls in the pot and you need to match 14 of them to complete your bingo card.

For everyone, the event will be different due to how many miles you cover during a week. You could have your medal earned after 25 miles whilst others may have to cover 500. It’s all part of the fun!

Bingo Run Stats

50 Bingo Balls
25 Bingo Card Numbers
25 - 500 Mile Event