Rasselbock and the Environment

Rasselbock and the Environment

Rasselbock running has been built up to revolve around two things. Supporting people on their fitness journey and helping the environment. Because we started with the environment in mind, we have been able to build up everything from the beginning to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Planting Trees

In May 2020 we teamed up with an amazing company called Ecologi who help us plant trees as part of reforesting efforts around the globe. Thanks to them we are committed to planting 5 trees for every event sign-up through our site, along with thousands more with our birthday event.

When we started planting in 2020 we had hoped that other companies within the running community would join in and take part in planting trees, and since then we have noticed many other virtual running companies join the tree planting initiative!

If you want to view the trees which we have funded so far and also check out the projects we have help fund then you can do so at or Rasselbock forest page.

Towards the end of 2023 the prices of the Tree planting had risen high enough for us to consider different ventures. We still love the idea of planting trees and are proud of all of the work we have done with Ecologi, but we think we can get more for our pennies. This is why we have teamed up with OceanBottle to remove as much ocean bound plastic from rivers and waterways as we can.

Since the end of 2023 we have removed 1kg of plastic alongside every order on the website and you can read more about the venture in the link below!


Our Carbon Offset

As part of our partnership with Ecologi we also pay to offset our carbon footprint as much as possible. This is done by supporting various projects around the world that impact the amount of CO2 which is released into the atmosphere. You can check out some of the past projects which Ecologi has funded here

We also pay to offset the carbon footprint of every person who works with Rasselbock. Granted it’s only Eric and Jonathan working from home, but I think it’s a nice thing to do!

Our Packaging

When you receive your medal box through the post you will notice that everything in the box is recyclable. We don’t like the idea of sending out the medals and having the mailing bag end up in a landfill. Our boxes are already made from recycled cardboard and the paper that can be recycled with them.

Where we can we try to make sure that our suppliers send our products in recyclable materials as well. Our medal supplier even sends the medals in biodegradable foam sheets! Before we send our waste off to be recycled we will offer it to locals who are moving house. Normally they snap our hands off to get free cardboard boxes and bubble wrap. If it can be reused then it doesn’t yet need to be recycled!

Wild Flowers and Tea

For those of you who have taken part in our events before, you’ll know that we like to include a little something extra in there for you. Our two favorite items are wildflower seeds and tea bags! Our teabags come from Tea Pigs because of their awesome flavor range and the fact that their bags and wrappers are fully biodegradable!

Our wildflower seeds go out with medals when it’s the right time of the year to plant them. The small pouch might not look like it’s filled with a lot of seeds, but it will cover a 1-meter square patch that will feed the butterflies and bees when they flower every year. Be aware that you’ll not receive wildflower seeds if you live outside of the UK due to strict import laws.

If you have any questions about our sustainability, tree planting or packaging then we’d love to hear from you via our contact page.