COVID-19 Response

What are we doing?

Thankfully with us only organizing events virtually, there are only a few things which we need to change in our day to day running. We have been in touch with all of our suppliers to check how they are working alongside the pandemic, from the medal producers to the packaging manufacturers, and we are happy that they are taking the right measures to protect us, their workforce, and more importantly you.

When packaging up the medals to post off to you we will be handling everything whilst wearing gloves. The medals will be wiped down with anti-viral spray before they are packaged, just to be on the safe side. This may cause your medal to arrive with a very slight chemical smell and some smears on the medal, but the smells should disappear after being out of the packaging for a while and the smears will disappear when you polish up your bling!

Do you send out your medals right away after reciving the evidence?

Normally, yes we would, but, with the world how it is we will be packaging up your medals and leaving them for 48 hours before they are posted out to you. This dramtically cuts the chance of the virus being alive inside of your box if on the small chance someone here was an unknown carrier.

What happens if someone at Rasselebock HQ has to self isolate?

If we have to self isolate here at Rasselbock HQ, even if it is just as a precaution, we will email everyone who has had a package posted to them within the previous week as a precaution. We will also update you all on or social media channels with updates as to what is happening.

All the medals that are due to be posted out will be on hold until we have taken tests and they have come back nagative.

If you have any worries, issues, or questions then please contact us at, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.