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How To Establish Your Wildflowers

Congratulations on completing your event and receiving your little bag of wildflower seeds! They may not look like much in the sachet but that small amount should be enough to cover an area of one square meter.

If you’re unsure of how to sow your wildflower seeds then this is the page for you.

The best time to sow wildflowers is either in the autumn (between August and October) or the spring (between February and May). Generally, autumn is preferred because there are fewer risks from weeds. Before making a wildflower seedbed, first, you need to kill any grasses or weeds in the area. After the area is cleared, the soil has to be broken up with a fork.

Sowing seeds

Wildflowers need to be sown at 2-3g per square meter for 100% wildflowers Your little packets contain the perfect amount to cover 1 square meter. Spreading at such a low rate is tricky, so try mixing the seed with dry sand to help spread it evenly. In small patches, this is not so hard, so you can easily spread by hand. When the seed has been spread, rake the soil gently, then compact it by treading the seeds in.

Establishing wildflowers

The seeds will begin to germinate in a few weeks. The various flowers will come through at different times, so if you don’t expect them all to flower right away! With a mix of annuals or annuals and perennials mix, colour will come in the first year, but a perennials mix will look far better in its second year.


To keep your flower meadow in good condition, go over the area with a strimmer at the end of the season, in September or October – after the plants have all finished flowering. Then remove the debris and go over the area with your mower, cutting down to 15cm or so.

Below you can see the different trypes of seeds which are included in your mix.

Common NameLatin NamePercentage MixFlowering MonthsHeightType
1Agrimony, CommonAgrimonia eupatoria1%Jun – Sep50-150cmPerennial
2BorageBorago officinalis7%Aug-Sep60-80cmAnnual
3Clary, WildSalvia verbenaca4%May-Aug30-40cmPerennial
4Clover, RedTrifolium pratense3%May-Sep20-60cmPerennial
5Clover, WhiteTrifolium repens1%Jun-Sep15-20cmPerennial
6Corn CockleAgrostemma githago8%May-Aug50-70cmAnnual
7CornflowerCentaurea cyanus6%Jun-Oct20-80cmAnnual
8Daisy, Ox-eyeLeucanthemum vulgare5%May-Sep20-100cmPerennial
9Foxglove, WildDigitalis purpurea3%Jun-Aug50-100cmBiennial
10Knapweed, CommonCentaurea nigra6%Jun-Sep30-80cmPerennial
11Knapweed, GreaterCentaurea scabiosa5%Jun-Sep50-90cmPerennial
12Loosestrife, PurpleLythrum salicaria1%Jun-Sep100-200cmPerennial
13Marjoram, WildOriganum vulgare1%Jul-Oct20-50cmPerennial
14Meadow CranesbilGeranium pratense1%May-Aug40-60cmPerennial
15Musk MallowMalva moschata5%May-Sep20-150cmPerennial
16Poppy, CommonPapaver rhoeas5%May-Jul50-70cmAnnual
17Ragged RobinLychnis flos-cuculi2%May-Aug30-90cmPerennial
18SainfoinOnobrychis viciifolia7%Jul-Sep30-40cmPerennial
19Scabious, FieldKnautia arvensis7%Jul-Sep30-200cmPerennial
20Scabious, SmallScabiosa columbaria3%Jul-Aug20-60cmPerennial
21TeaselDipsacus fullonum1%Jul-Aug100-200cmBiennial
22Trefoil, Bird’s-footLotus corniculatus2%Jun-Aug10-40cmPerennial
23Vetch, KidneyAnthyllis vulneraria2%May-Oct15-50cmPerennial
24Viper’s BuglossEchium vulgare2%May-Oct50-100cmBiennial
25YarrowAchillea millefolium5%Jun-Oct20-100cmPerennial
26Yellow RattleRhinanthus minor7%Jun-Sep20-50cmAnnual