noun, masculine / ʁasəlbɔk /

Known In German and Austrian folklore, a Rasselbock (also know as a wolpertinger or a Jackalope) is a mystical animal said to inhabit the alpine forests of Bavaria and the Austrian Alps

Some people refer to me as the runner who hates running!

My name is Eric, and yes, you read that right, some people refer to me as the runner who hates running! I’ve never managed to catch that running bug, but, I seemed to catch all the other bugs that come from running. The events, the people, the friends that you make from it, the atmosphere at races, and the feeling you get when you hit a new milestone.

I Ran my first race at the London Marathon back in 2013 when I needed a distraction to help turn my life around. Since then I have become hooked on the people and the atmosphere from events, races and the communities. I have run marathons and ultras all around the world, constantly trying to increase the distance I can run. In 2018 I took it one step further and spent 8 months running Across America raising money for charity and meeting countless amazing people along the way.

I have a passion for creating things that put a smile on peoples faces and I love that feeling of watching connections and new friendships grow from events.

About Rasselbock

After five years of organizing successful virtual events solely for charity fundraising, I decided to start putting on events for everyone to take part in at any point. Aiming to focus more on the community, the event itself, and, just as importantly, the medals. I didn’t like how many virtual events only really offer a medal in an envelope at the as the only connection after you’ve entered. I wanted to create an experience from the moment you sign up until you open your medal box at home!

Your medal will be large, bespoke, and beautiful, none of these tiny things. It won’t just be popped in an envelope with a flyer but beautifully hand packed in a small box with some extra goodies for you.

Now it is pretty hard to create every event as a large interactive event whilst working a separate full-time job, so, there will be some standard “run and submit” events thrown into the mix. But I have so many exciting ideas for virtual events that people have not seen before and I cannot wait to have you all take part over the next year!

My constant aim with Rasselbock is to try and connect people from all over the world and help them hit their own personal goals, whilst creating fun and different events for everyone. That alongside creating unique events and some awesome bling of cause.

Painting by Von Rainer Zenz – Rainer Zenz

What is a Rasselbock?

The Rasselbock is a mythological animal from the Bavarian and Austrian Alps. It has the head and body of a rabbit and the antlers of a roe deer. Some Rasselbocks have been known to be shown with canine teeth, unlike other hares and rabbits. Their young are called Waldrasslinge.

Why did I choose Rasselbock?

Well, after almost twelve years of living in the Austrian town of Kitzbuhel, I returned back to the UK with the long term goal of organizing running events. When I sat down to decided on how I was going to begin this challenge I realised that I needed to bring part of my Austrian home back with me. What is more unique and noticable than a Rasselbock!