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Come and join an amazing group of people who are pushing themselves to break their goals every day.

Welcome to Rasselbock Running

We know that there are many different virtual running events out there but we can promise you that none are as exciting or as interesting as ours.

Yes, whilst we still run the basic “run and sumit” events, we feel like they miss out on the most enjoyable part of running, meeting people, and encouraging others to hit their goals!

That’s why here at Rasselbock HQ we also create unique events that are engaging throughout. Every one of these events are bespoke and takes time to create so watch out for them appearing every 2 months!

Upcoming events

Rasselbock Saves Christmas

1st December

Help Father Christmas deliver his presents to the UK after his sleigh crashed as Rasselbock HQ!


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The Elven Run


Follow in the footsteps of the Hobbits as they begin their quest. You'll have one year to run the 458 miles from The Shire to Rivendell, a journey that took young Frodo just under a month to complete.


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Seven Seas 10km


The first of seven distances in our virtual Seven Seas Series of events is the 10km.


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International Cat Day Run

Starts 8th August 2020

This one is nice and simple, you just need to have a run anytime after International Cat Day (8th August), and make sure that it is longer than 5km and the medal is yours.


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Team Rasselbock Stats

  • 6 Events
  • 1,532 People taking part
  • 50,000 Miles covered
  • £5,734 Raised for Charity

How it works

  1. Pick your event and sign up

    Sign up for one of our exciting events. Be it one of our simple “run and submit’s” or an engaging month-long challenge.

  2. Complete your challenge

    Join the rest of Team Rasselbock by taking part in your event and encouraging everyone else along the way. Our Facebook group is the best place for sharing your runs and seeing how others are faring.

  3. Submit your results

    Upload a screenshot from your running app (via Your Account), and once we’ve verified it we will update your completed races for you to see.

  4. Results & medal!

    99% of our events include a large, bespoke medal. We’ve been told that some of them are the most beautiful and creative around. We don’t like to boast, but we do think that they are pretty special!

By taking part, you’re helping to save the planet

With every entry through this site, we will pay for five trees to be planted through the amazing group, Ecologi, who plant trees around the world to reduce carbon pollution. Rasselbock stats so far:

Trees planted
of carbon offset